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We are GET Phluid, the across-industry leader in corporate education, strategic advising, and community impact at the vanguard of the LGBTQIA+ market and talent excellence. 

We provide nuanced, user-friendly and customized content and insights that bring conversations from managing risk to seizing opportunity, from education to inspiration, from Millenials to Gen Z. 

We are your core partner in thinking beyond the binary across transgender, gender non-conforming, nonbinary, and BIPOC communities. 

We offer you here a team of subject matter experts, a consortium of corporate leaders, and dozens of non-profit partners all in community with each other to reimagine our world.


We are a team of executives, frontline community organizers, cultural influencers, technical experts, and educators.

We exist at the intersections of gender, skin color, sexuality, and social status.

We are NGLCC certified as an LGBT business enterprise.

We are Phluid in the ways we celebrate our identities, pursue our joys, and honor our histories.

To us, Phluid means embracing the core idea that this is our world, and that the way things are today has nothing to do with the way things could be tomorrow.

We are privileged to create that phuture with you.

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