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Strategic advising to C-suite, brand, HR/DEI, marketing and product teams.  

Includes SWOT analyses, executive coaching marketing and product plans, policy reviews, and more.

GET Phluid works deeply with C suite, marketing, public affairs, product development,  consumer relations, HR, and DEI teams.

Example advisory activations include:

SWOT Analyses

Deliver thorough analysis,  insight into competitors, and opportunities to advance growth and business outcomes through effective LGBTQ+  strategies.

Executive Coaching

Provide executive teams with peer coaching to optimally navigate matters of gender identity and gender expression across business and talent risks and opportunities.

Marketing & Product

Deliver marketing and product-specific analyses regarding the gender-expansive community using the RISE framework  (Responsibility, Inclusion, Solutions & Expression).

Policy Reviews

Provide HR teams with policy reviews, training and language workshops with follow-up recommendations on how to implement changes that impact talent and strengthen cultural and functional competencies.

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