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Hope Gisele (She/Her)
Director of Training

Miami native Hope Giselle got her start in activism, facilitation, and inclusion while in College at Alabama State University. Helping to found and govern the conservative schools first LGBT organization. Giselle ultimately graduated with a masters in Fine Arts as the first openly trans woman to do so at the institution and hit the ground running with her modern social take on trans and black bodies in both public and private spaces. 

Giselle made a name for herself as through a nearly 10 year career as an activist, master facilitator and author has now founded her own non-profit organization (AllowMe) while serving as a master inclusion specialist and HR consultant by contract. Hope also works with organizations like HRC, freedom for all Americans, LGBT University, ITEquality and TransTech Social to help ensure that the voices of the communities she's apart of are heard.

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