Embrace true affirmation of each individual’s gender identity and gender expression

The Phluid Project is a multi-faceted brand and movement, a community whose belief system is grounded in inclusion, expression, activism and education.

As a celebrated and highly recognized authority within the LGBTQIA+, Gen Z and young millennial communities, since opening our flagship store two years ago, we have a robust and deep understanding of who they are as what they want. We have become the “go-to” voice representing our community.

​As the world continues to rapidly evolve, The Phluid Project is a positive and active agent of change, a leader in integrity and tolerance, and an innovator in remedying antiquated business models and activating healthy and progressive practices.

​The Phluid Project and its trained executives have a deep understanding of this generation, which is integral to establishing a company designed for the future – one which will flourish in spirit and financials. Language is changing, and dynamics are evolving. We help teach senior leaders how to unlearn and relearnantiquated practices, specifically around gender identity and expression, and facilitate modern business practices internally and consumer-facing.

​Being at the forefront of this global movement, our mission is to share our knowledge and promote the inclusion of expression and gender-expansion in all facets of business, branding and everyday lives. 



The reality of our future is glaring: Gen Z is positioned to dominate 40% of national spending this year, an estimated $143B, and they are now entering the workforce. Intelligence around their voice is paramount as companies wish to recruit and retain the finest in employment – becoming an employer of choice – as well as a loyal customer base.

There is a direct impact on a company’s business if it lacks inclusion for LGBTQ+ employees:

  • 46% of LGBTQ+ employees remain in the closet at work 

  • Unwelcoming workspaces can cause a reduction of 30% of employee engagement and productivity

  • 73% of employees who hide their identities at work will most likely leave their company within three years 

  • Pronoun use and sharing have been one common and expected in high schools and universities across the county

  • The Supreme Court passed into law an extension of Title 7 in the Civil Rights Act. This ruling now provides legal protection for the entire LGBTQ community.
    This ruling has a significant impact on businesses and leaders across the nation.  Businesses must now take immediate action.

    - Review policies and handbooks to ensure that nondiscrimination and harassment policies extend to sexual orientation and gender identity.
    - Communicate and train employees on updated policies.
    - Refrain from taking any adverse employment actions against employees based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
    - Thoroughly document and investigate all allegations of suspected sexual harassment or discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.


Simply put, providing a supportive and affirming work environment for LGBTQ+ employees and expansiveness is good for recruitment, retention and consumer engagement. 


Our team of trainers will work with your organization to create a program that fits your needs. While our primary focus is to train and certify companies, we also offer a variety of training programs. Our “one size doesn’t fit all approach” results in custom and effective proposals.



To help your organization 
uphold the legal expectations of 
SOGIE nondiscrimination.

To help your company recruit and retain the most diverse talent, free to be their authentic selves



To help your organization 
develop knowledge on direct steps it can take to provide true affirmation of each individual’s gender identity 
and expressions, providing a supportive and inclusive
environment for all

We understand this is a process for each individual and each organization. We’re committed to being on this journey with you.


We are committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces for our community. In partnership with Verizon, we have created a job portal, collecting and curating resumes from our communities nationwide. 

For employers looking to recruit a diverse pool of talent from the LGBTQ+ community, we will provide access to some of the brightest and most talented professionals in a broad representation of industries. 


Either submit your company to become Phluid Certified, or GET Phluid Certified (gender-expansive training) with our group of outstanding trainers, representing the transgender and
non-binary community. 

Become intentional with your inclusion initiative. 


Gender Expansive Training

G.E.T. Phluid proposes several collaborative projects to broaden internal conversation and direct outreach to further your goal of all-gender inclusiveness

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