Rob Smith Public speaking

After 30 years of fashion experience, leading multi-billion dollar brands like Macy’s, Levi’s, Nike and Victoria’s Secret, coupled with decades devoted to fighting for human rights and social equality, I’ve chosen to unlearn in order to relearn. My commitment to inclusion created The Phluid Project, a gender free fashion brand grounded in activism, community and education.


Through The Phluid Project, I've had the great fortune of learning from and engaging with humans of every generation, gender, race, religion, and socioeconomic status, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the reality of the limiting labels society prescribes to us. Traversing the space between the binaries allows each of us the curiosity and freedom to truly be our authentic selves. Fueled and inspired by the outlook and demands from younger generations for gender self-determination, empowerment and social justice, I am an advocate, educator, and your guide to the future of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Page speaking engagements include:


  • WWD inclusion conference - NYC.

  • Retail Summit -Dubai.

  • NPD Big Show -NYC.

  • Viacom Inclusion Conference- NYC.

  • Future of Retail Conference- San Paulo.

  • CFDA Fashion Leadership Conference-NYC.

  • Adweek Summit - NYC.