To capitalize on successes and to further your commitment to gender expansive ideals, G.E.T. Phluid’s Director of Corporate Training & Development will work with your internal policy team and education team to modernize existing education programs and amplify the advancements in policies and training programs as they relate to sexual orientation and gender identity.


Whether through "train the trainer" programs or individual coaching, we will work with people management, employee educators, and supervisory staff to support their journey of ensuring gender expansive policies are followed and celebrated.


Provide coaching for allied educators who need further support in their conversation of the policies or support of the LGBTQ+ communities.

Review policies and handbooks to ensure that nondiscrimination and harassment policies extend to sexual orientation and gender identity - Communicate and train employees on updated policies.

Aid in advancing policies and onboarding education that have yet to be evaluated for their content as it relates to gender expansive practices and collaborate with D & I leaders on how to reach all employees and applicants in their message of support for the LGBTQ+ communities.