The GET Phluid Certification process helps you implement inclusive and business wide policies to help your company internally and externally support your gay, transgender, gender nonconforming and nonbinary employees.


This evolution of culture will create a positive impact for all individuals in your employee and customer bases and will be a financial investment in your company’s future.


  1. Ensure your company is upholding legal expectations of SOGIE nondiscrimination law, mandated by the Supreme Court ruling under title 7 of the Civil Rights Act.

  2. Provide your company with the tools to recruit and retain the most diverse talent who will feel free to be their authentic selves in their workplace.

  3. We will work to build your company’s overall internal knowledge of sexuality, gender identity, and expression so that you can spearhead initiatives to create a supportive inclusive environment for all.


  1. ​Leverage GET Phluid trainer workshops throughout the organization, educating and coaching to build a culture of allyship.

  2. Review policies, communications, and operations to ensure they are amended to be inclusive of all gender identities and gender expressions.

  3. Over the course of a year we work with cross functional leaders and teams to navigate the process with ease and provide the skills to continue diversity and inclusion efforts after certification has been completed.