G.E.T.* Phluid Certified

The Path to All GENDER Inclusion

  • Executive and People Management Gender Inclusion Coaching

  • Innovative Gender Inclusive Policy Enhancements

  • Extensive Gender Expansive Education

  • Transgender and Gender Expansive Community Input for Recruitment and Retention Efforts

  • Direct Access to Gender Expansive Applicant Pool


The Phluid Project Certification will provide your company with an inspiring education and a set of tools to embrace true affirmation of all individuals’ gender identity and gender expressions.


  • Support companies’ journey to true understanding and affirmation of all individuals’ gender identities and expressions

  • Help companies build inclusive practices to create affirming atmosphere resulting in recruiting and retaining the most diverse talent

  • Aiding companies to ensure their policies and practices are leading the pack in their industry and are reflective of progressive legal standards




G.E.T. Phluid proposes several collaborative projects to broaden internal conversation and direct outreach to further your goal of all gender inclusiveness.

G.E.T. Phluid

Facilitated Workshop with Leaders

The Phluid Project’s CEO and Founder Rob Smith will facilitate a focus group of internally selected leaders to help bolster their commitment to inclusion of all gender identities and expressions. This session will be a robust discussion regarding the growing presence of gender expansiveness in the employee and consumer markets. Rob will facilitate a conversation for the participants based on topical issues facing companies working to be inclusive of the transgender, nonbinary and gender expansive communities. Rob will support those in the room who seek more education while assisting the participants in setting reasonable goals to expand the company’s inclusion platform. Rob will continue to coach leaders 1:1 when needed. The group will leave with a tangible product to assist their efforts. The ideal number of participants is 10.

Gender Expansive Training

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